Nothing more empowering than realizing your true self

Everything is fair in the journey of life🤗

Life sometime seems very unfair if we compare it with others.

We are creating our life with every passing moment

It may sounds cliche’s that we create our own destiny but this is the truth. If we analyse our life we will accept that majority of the time it was our decision to play a particular part.

We have the right to change the direction of our life at any moment but then many factors come to surface —

One of them is fear of losing control over our life.

Facing fears will make us realize our true self

We just can’t rely on fate or some external force to take control of our life and save us from uncertainties. There will be all sorts of experiences in life and we must face them boldly.

Awareness is a simple understanding of where our mind goes and when. We must be aware of the paths our mind likes to take before we can begin to question why it choose those paths and whether those paths are helping or hurting us.

This power of awareness is the gift for entire humanity to realise our true potentials, and awaken to the larger picture beyond our limited self. 😇



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In search of finding key to ultimate happiness so that I can cherish and share it with every being on earth.Book reading and self exploration is my passion.