There is more to life than we generally perceive

3 min readApr 21, 2022


For last few years I have been inclined more towards solitude and path of discovering self. I have always been a seeker. Whenever and where ever I got a chance to ask questions about life and it’s mysteries, I left no stone unturned.

Being an avid reader and perhaps a good listener :) I feel there is much to explore in life than our basic understanding of it and we must be open to information or wisdom coming from different mediums.

From our childhood days we have been introduced to God. Almost every day we bow before that power. But I never could fathom the idea of someone out there controlling our lives and blessing us. Where is he? How can I talk to him? Does he really exist or it is just a figment of imagination? All these questions always hovered around my mind.

I started looking for that power. My search for that unknown invisible God took a shape over a period of time.

Initially I used to listen to spiritual talks, but it hardly satisfied me. I tried to follow what they said but somehow my heart wasn’t ready to accept their teachings fully.

I kept on searching for years, attended some meditation classes, some retreats and tried to dig in as much as I could do according to my own capacity.

It’s been rightly said that where there is a will, there is a way.

After years of persistent searching one day a friend of mine on social media recommended me a profound book named “Autobiography of A Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda .

Perhaps it was the right time for me to have this book. This book opened all my closed channels and paved the way for rediscovering self with new energy and enthusiasm.

All my doubts about existence of higher power were put to rest after reading this beautiful book. Thanks to my soul friend. My doubts about existence of higher intelligence were put to rest but now my arduous journey to connect with that power started.

I started practicing meditation, and studying books. I was so passionate to discover more about life, connect with like minded people and channels, searching for new possibilities so that I could collect more knowledge and information to expand beyond my limited self.

Though I would honestly admit that I did loose hope and all my positive outlook took a back seat when life threw some impossible looking challenges upon me. But with passage of time, we learn and grow out of our limitations and tend to search for that light within, consciously or subconsciously.

I genuinely feel that challenges are meant to make us realize our hidden potentials and help us to dive deep within.We become a better version of self over a period of time going through vicissitudes of life.

Slowly over a period of time I observed a positive shift in my perspective. I used to have a spiritual ego of being superior to others. I felt like I m unique and know more than these average minded people around me ☺

But with passage of time, all those superficial walls of illusion started crumbling down and my focus shifted towards my own growth.

I have observed a remarkable shift in my perspective towards life. I feel our mind plays a major role in this whole web of life and once we get aware of its mechanism, life will compose and hum its own new melodies.

With my own experiences I can say that others can guide you and inspire you. They can show you a path, but beyond that its our effort, perseverance, passion and hunger to decode this puzzle of life.

This whole play of life becomes more interesting when we realize its very basic nature. We are here to experience every aspect of journey, learn from it and evolve with every passing dot. And this experience must be full of joy and excitement.




In search of finding key to ultimate happiness so that I can cherish and share it with every being on earth. Book reading and self exploration is my passion.